Why Refonte?

Refonte was conceptualised and established by Dr Ranjit Raje with this same philosophy to elevate the appeal of his patients in the most subtle yet aesthetic way possible so they start appreciating rather loving their own selves - A ‘Refonte’ way to make them feel they’re most beautiful.

At Refonte, we offer a wide range of procedures to meet all your requirements. Ranging from specialised Facial rejuvenation procedures, reshaping of the female breast, permanent reshaping of the body contours to Hair restoration treatments. At Refonte we sculpt physical features and enhance your confidence. Reconstructive procedures are also offered and customised to suit individual patient needs and help correct various physical deformities and anomalies.

Dr. Ranjit Raje

MS, DNB, MCh (Plastic Surgery)

Dr Ranjit has been specialising in the field of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery for over a decade. Dr Raje belongs to a family of doctors. His choice of a career to take ahead the legacy of serving patients began at the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital as a Cancer Surgeon. Dr Ranjit was soon mesmerised by the skills of the Plastic Surgeons who performed Reconstructive Surgeries on cancer patients and thereafter he realised his calling was to the field of Plastic Surgery.


“I have no words to describe a feeling when my years of hardwork and knowledge brings the glow of confidence on my patients’ faces. The satisfaction to see them become the person they have always aspired of becoming is what I always cherish. I would be happy to meet you & help you feel as good as possible. Let’s meet and discuss."